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Superannuation handbooks

These handbooks serve as an information resource on the superannuation provisions applying to:

  • Established civil servants
  • Non-established State employees.

They provide a guide to the provisions of the Superannuation Acts and various other circulars and letters governing the pension terms applicable to members of each scheme.

The handbooks are not a legal interpretation of existing superannuation provisions, nor do they deal with every query that may arise concerning pension scheme rules. Although the handbooks still serve as a useful resource for pension administrators, it must also be noted that any pension policy changes which have occurred since it was last updated have not been reflected.

As such, pension administrators and HR units are encouraged to view the superannuation handbooks in conjunction with the pensions information available on this website, and ensure that any relevant updated circulars, letters or guidance documents are consulted when dealing with a pensions matter.

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Superannuation handbook for established civil servants

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Superannuation handbook for non-established state employees