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Redeployment (Pension Implications)


Circular 08/2010 provides for redeployment arrangements to apply in the civil service and between the civil service and non-commercial state bodies. Redeployment of civil and certain public servants was formally provided for under the Public Service Management (Recruitment and Appointments) (Amendment) Act 2013.

Redeployment allows staff to be moved as a result of the rationalisation, reconfiguration or restructuring of public service bodies or where activities have assumed lesser priority arising from changing business needs. For example, redeployment of staff or posts can occur where the government decides that certain functions of a department will be transferred to another area of the civil or public service.

The redeployment scheme aims to facilitate the movement of staff members from those activities which have been rationalised, reconfigured, restructured, or have assumed lesser priority due to changing business needs, to areas where additional staff are required to meet priority needs or urgent work demands across the public service.

Further information on redeployment in the civil service is available here:

Pension implications arising from redeployment

The intention of the legislation governing redeployment is to ensure that a person who is redeployed is treated no less favourably than had they remained in their previous employment prior to redeployment.

Where a person is on secondment to the new body (as a transitional arrangement prior to being formally redeployed), they remain a member of their parent organisation’s pension scheme and retain their existing terms and conditions.

When those persons are formally redeployed to the new body, they normally become a member of the new body’s pension scheme, however, their pension terms must be ‘no less favourable’ than those applying in their former employment. In some cases, where their existing pension scheme terms differ to those applying in the body to which a person has been redeployed, they are permitted to retain these terms within their new pension scheme and the arrangement is ‘red-circled’. If an individual is promoted or voluntarily transfers jobs at any point after redeployment, the red-circled terms cease and they become subject to the normal terms and conditions applying in the body in respect of the new position.

Redeployment arrangements require consideration by the Pension Policy Unit of Department of Public Expenditure, NDP Delivery and Reform to ensure that the pension terms are appropriately catered for on redeployment.

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